Hi! from Dilantha.

I'm a mechanical Engineer, an entrepreneur, and the Co-Founder of the Alexa Master Community. I used to be a teacher and a dropout of RMIT University due to the pandemic, though I currently keep running my online platforms with the help of my team-mates.

Know me well

What am I capable of?

I believe that qualifications are just paperworks by an individual which never represents his/her real outcome through a challenge. I am a bad student, good for teachers, and I learnt followings through the Internet.

Computer Programming

Developing websites, mobile apps, and software using PHP, MySQL, Java, JS, HTML, CSS, Python, and AxM.

Digital Marketing

Advertising products and services with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO and Alexa Master community.

Web Consultation

Providing online consultation to troubleshoot bugs in websites, software, mobile apps with technical support.

Everything is just a memory!

Nothing is permanent in this world, so I always record things and keep saved in my YouTube channel. If you have time, just watch them and research what I am.

Alexa Master

Alexa Master

I keep developing this platform since 2013. You can contact me there.


SSL Issues

Learn why some traffic is invisible on your Google Analytics 4.

Page Speed Test

Web Optimization

Here how I develop my platforms and optimize their pagespeed.

Dido White Flag

Don't Be Shy!

My lady & I created this cover song for fun, Don't Be Shy!

Seriously? you wanna contact me?

I have no time to read spam emails, scam calls, or advertisements. There is only one solid way to get in touch with me in real time. Just register a free account in the Alexa Master community, and create a support ticket. I will get back to you via the realtime chat or your inbox ASAP!

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